Advantages of the caretaker service

SENSIL gives care at home to individuals and families that, due to illness, disability or other constraint, can’t assure temporarily or permanently the fulfilment of their needs.

At SENSIL we have what you need to improve the dependent person’s quality of life and to simplify the family’s life, allowing to maintain their daily routine as unaltered as possible.

Our services go from hygiene and comfort care, assistance to daily life activities, making and assistance during mealtimes, maintenance and cleaning of the house and necessary clothes to the care giving, to the provision of health care services: medical support, nursing, physiotherapy, clinical analysis, etc.


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  • - We create the conditions for the dependent people to stay in the comfort of their home near their family members and assuring a bigger life quality;
  • - To have more dignity in an environment that does not feed the idea of illness;
  • - To be fed properly with food prepared at your house, under professional orientation;
  • - We make available a range of services in order to assure that all the clients’ and his family’s needs are provided;
  • - Careful selection of professionals, checking personal and professional references, as well as criminal background;
  • - With a caretaker at home, attentive to every move, there is more freedom of action so people can continue with their daily activities;
  • - In the case of not existing the need for 24 hour per day permanent care, the home support allows to plan the people’s daily needs, being a less expensive alternative to the family;
  • - The possibility to exchange the professional according to the client’s need without damaging the service and with no additional cost to the family;
  • - All the services are provided by a humanized and qualified team;
  • - We are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.