About us

Sensil gives personalized care at the domicile, clinic or hospital to people, that due to illness, disability or other constraint, can’t assure temporarily or permanently the fulfilment of their basic needs or daily activities.

From healthcare services, monitoring and vigilance of the dependent, to the adaptation of the space in order to eliminate the architectural barriers, Sensil has the necessary resources to give a global answer to the needs of the dependent person and his family.

We are a “second family” who interacts and assists in the smallest day-to-day tasks: by keeping company, reading the mail, talking and escorting in strolls, etc.



Sensil has as its vision to guarantee the excellence of the care, basing its activity in an integrated health plan, adapted to individual and specific needs, being responsible for the supervision and quality assurance of its collaborators.


Sensil aspires to be leader in the market of Home Support services, developing individualized solutions to the different needs of every customer, and to expand its success on a national level through a network of units spread over the country.


  • Humanity
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Trust

What we do

We create a multidisciplinary offer of products and services in order to allow people to stay at their homes, increasing their self-esteem and stimulating their interest in life. Our professionals work with the objective of improving the quality of life of the dependent person and to simplify the family’s life providing them time together.

We survey the needs before the dependent person and his family so that we can elaborate an action plan that aims at a progressive improvement, making him able to be as independent as possible.



  • To contribute to improving the person’s life as well as its family’s life;
  • To avoid institutionalization;
  • To offer to dependent people and their families the possibility to maintain their daily lives as unchanged as possible;
  • To assure all types of individualized and personalized care at home;
  • To advise and guide the family with doubts related to the cause of chronic or temporary dependency of the person;
  • To cheer and occupy the person in order to keep him active.

    Who we do it for

    • People with temporary dependency (immediate post-surgery, sudden illness, recovery);
    • People with permanent dependency (chronic diseases, long-term care, palliative care);
    • Permanent or temporary absence of the caretaker