Doubts concerning the hiring of SENSIL's home support service

Is it required a minimum time of hiring or loyalty in contract?

To hire Sensil’s services, there is no minimum time required. The contract duration is determined by the client and meets his needs.

When is the payment made?

On the first fee is required the payment of 50% of the monthly value when the contract of the service occurs and the remaining at the beginning of the service. On the other months the value is paid at the start of each period.

What are the advantages of hiring Sensil and not directly hire a professional?

When hiring Sensil you guarantee the service at the desired schedule without having to worry with the possibility of the main caretaker’s absence. The service is always assured in a professional way and adapted to the patient’s needs.

The service can only be done at home?

The Sensil team is prepared to take care of your family member at home, in the hospital, in a clinic, at a hotel or during travels.

Can I change the hired schedule?

Yes, Sensil’s services are personalized precisely to provide the biggest comfort and convenience to the family.

What if the patient or his family doesn’t like the professional, can I ask for a substitute?

Sensil selects the professionals that identify the most to the requested profile, but, if even after your approval you want to change the professional, you can simply get in contact with us and we will arrange it.

How are the professional’s clearances controlled?

The caretakers’ timetable is of Sensil’s responsibility, so that the number of rest hours demanded for a good physical and psychological functioning of the caretakers are respected.

Who pays the food and transportation of the professional?

The family hires the company to perform the service, therefore it doesn’t need to pay any extra value to the caretaking professional.

Can the caretaker do the cleaning and organize the house?

Our caretaker professionals are guided and trained to take care of people, as a priority, nevertheless they are prepared to do the following tasks according to the hired time: handling and keeping of clothes, small home cleaning,